Get to know, Client Disclosure and Engagement letter

Getting to know you, your objectives and more. Once we know what assets and resources you currently have; what's working well, or not -  together, we develop the roadmap to achieve success.

At our second meeting, we will present and discuss solutions, take action to automate progress. Annual reviews in person - or even by Skype if necessary - help ensure desired results.

Results oriented processes help make progress

After the initial actions decided upon and taken, make sure you create the time for annual reviews. 

Respond to our e-newsletters. Each piece is written by Atiya Ahsan. Your opportunity to hit 'Reply' and get answers to your questions!

If you have a change of address, new job, new baby, or you are ready to see retirement income options, let's have a  conversation. You may need to change your Beneficiaries  or start plans for kids. 

Please do introduce us to your friends. 


"Atiya, when I first met you, I had hardly any assets and only my earned income. Over the years you have helped me learn and acquire insurance and build both real estate and investable assets. Thank you! You are indeed a great help!" M.D. 

"We learned more from you in 90 minutes than in the last year". New Canadian clients

"After getting your help, all I can say is that the three guys who have helped me are just salespersons. YOU are the real Financial Advisor because you helped me see the full 360 degrees!"

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RETIREMENT: by DESIGN or by DEFAULT? Did you know that about 40% of people 'retire' by default? That is, due to an illness, disability or simply unable to find a new job. Did you know that the average couple will eat 43,000 meals during retirement? Adequacy of retirement income cannot be left to chance! Call on my cellphone to set a time to meet: 416-821-4469. 

Beneficiary designations MUST be current and complete! We also have creative solutions by using 'Settlement Options to solve a number of knotty problems'.